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The platform connects users who seek value in written content that creators share in the platform. The universe of content is very open and formed by 1,500 character posts about virtually any topic (News, rumours, arts, history, philosophy, tech, entertainment, financeā€¦) The posts will be partially visible and anonymous unless users want to unlock the full content of the message. After doing this, the full post will be revealed and users will have the ability to contact the creator directly if they wish to do so. We think this concept will help thought leaders to raise their profile and share their message with like-minded individuals, providing them with the opportunity to target their specific audience. We are in the process of building a community for the platform who seeks to exchange valuable ideas and interact on mutual interests. The platform is completely free and we intend to create a partnership programme to reward thought leaders that contribute to the community. Over time, we think is possible to create a community of thought leaders behind the pay wall with valuable insight for followers. We would love your feedback and invite you to try it out. It would also be very valuable if you could suggest other channels to grow the existing post universe. Please share your feedback, thoughts, comments, and ideas below and in the following form:

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Will the UK restrictions really be lifted on 21st June 2021? Is it too good to be true?

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